We are all transforming all day everyday!

The big question is are we becoming more of the person we want to be or feeling like success in life is for other people? 

Shelly Slocum


SOS (Sequence of Success) for Business and Life,

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Below are a list of books authored and co-authored by Shelly Slocum. 

Love and Inspiration from Mom

This book is Shelly's life lemonade for you to SIP and ENJOY!


The Transformation Journey

Lessons From business,
Life, and Happiness


Meet Shelly

Discover Shelly Slocum's inspiring journey as an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Real Estate Broker with 23 years of experience. As a Certified Canfield Methodology trainer and keynote speaker, she blends her expertise in real estate with over 15 years of teaching experience at Dale Carnegie. Shelly's life, marked by challenges like overcoming lung cancer as a non-smoker, fuels her mission to spread success, happiness, and love. Through her books and success trainings based on Jack Canfield’s principles, she's dedicated to inspiring positive change in people's business and personal lives.


 It’s nice to meet you!

"Too many times we let opportunities and life pass us by because we are waiting for the right time.

How will you ever know until you try?
Stop waiting. Take action now!

Whatever it is you have been longing to do, START today.
There couldn't be a more perfect time."


Shelly Slocum